Introducing Tenfold Mobile: Sync Calls to Your CRM on the Go

Mobile devices are invaluable to our personal and work lives. Today, it’s instinctive for us to reach for our smartphones to get things done. Smartphones are no longer seen as a distraction in the workplace–for many daily functions, they provide the preferred way to work.

For client-facing teams in sales and service, we know that each conversation is vital. At Tenfold, we want to enable our users to connect with their customers in whole new ways without disrupting user workflow and, more importantly, without compromising customer experience. We have worked hard to ensure that our clients capture conversations and automatically log call data into their CRMs. We are bringing that to mobile.

Today we’re excited to share Tenfold Mobile, a new functionality that allows Tenfold users to log calls anytime and anywhere, while allowing reps to separate business from personal calls, and easily manage which contacts and call activity get synced to their CRM.

How Tenfold Mobile Works

By downloading a lightweight app on a user’s computer, Tenfold Mobile links the user’s smartphone to their CRM via Bluetooth.

When the phone and the CRM are successfully paired, Tenfold syncs call history automatically with their CRM. Tenfold Mobile works with minimal changes in your current workflow.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Since the beginning, privacy has always been a top priority for us. Because Tenfold Mobile works with personal devices, we understand this specific concern. And, of course, nobody wants to get their personal calls tracked. To address this directly, we created call management controls that allow users to easily toggle which calls get synced with the CRM and which calls do not. Apart from what users allow to be synced to the CRM, no data is stored or shared elsewhere.

How Tenfold Mobile Saves Time and Improves Data Integrity

Tenfold Mobile automatically captures and logs call data into the CRM, allowing users to focus on calls by eliminating manual data entry between conversations. By removing the reliance on reps to manually log each conversation, Tenfold Mobile helps improve data volume and data integrity for better analytics.

Pricing and Availability

  • Initially, Tenfold Mobile is offered to Tenfold clients who use Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • To enable the click to dial functionality on mobile, a phone system extension is required in the Tenfold Dashboard.
  • Pricing varies by package. For a demo and more detailed information, please contact your Tenfold account executive or click here.

Capture all customer conversation data, even on mobile.

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