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FREE WHITE PAPER: Cloud vs. On-Premises Enterprise Solutions

As enterprises replace legacy systems, they are faced with the choice of maintaining an on-premises technology stack, or moving their technology to the cloud. This whitepaper is designed to aid that conversation.

Undoubtedly, cloud computing has risen in functionality, and thus has experience an increase in adoption by small and large companies alike. However, there are still many enterprises using on-premises architecture. As with most business decisions, there is no such thing as a sliver bullet. Business leaders must weigh their options when it comes to security concerns, labor and maintenance costs, and even physical space. The best decision is a decision well-researched.

In this report, we explain the differences between deploying enterprise software solutions in cloud and on-premises. It explores:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of deploying a cloud solution
  • Advantages of maintaining an on-premises IT architecture, as well as where it can limit you
  • Industry research on cloud adoption
  • Examples of successes and failures for each deployment in an enterprise setting