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WP Engine Increased Conversations by 31% Within 30 Days of Using Tenfold

WP Engine


  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in Austin, Texas
  • WP Engine is a privately held company which operates data centers across the world, which is specifically geared towards WordPress websites and applications.


WP Engine is a leading provider of a web-hosting platform as a service for WordPress based websites. They have built their business to over 40,000 customers through word of mouth and reputation. As such, they have a significant amount of inbound traffic.

Their team also takes a consultative approach with their customers to ensure they fully understand their business needs. This requires a rigorous qualification of inbound leads before they’re passed onto the sales team.


Many prospects would first enter the system by way of chat, email (web-to-lead), or by downloading some content on the website and providing an email. When these individuals finally called in, it was very difficult and time consuming for the qualification team to find the right lead in Salesforce.

Second, when the new leads called in, the team needed a faster way to make sure that no duplicates existed before they created a new record.

Lastly, some team members were spending 30 minutes a day getting call activity reports from numerous sources into an excel report.


Tenfold offered a solution that allowed WP Engine to seamlessly integrate their Nextiva phone system with Salesforce in a matter of minutes. Once integrated, the Tenfold application allowed the Qualification Team to recognize callers if their phone number was in the CRM, but also provided them with the ability to search by name, email address, or company name to ensure the record didn’t already exist if they could not find a match.

This allowed the Qualification Team to engage with their leads more quickly and cut down considerably on the number of duplicate records and disputes over lead ownership. Not only were the team members more efficient, but they also gained back several hours in the week by leveraging the Tenfold Analytics dashboard to automate their call activity reporting.


The Qualification Team saw an increase of 31% in the number of conversations they were having within 30 days of using Tenfold. This helped them qualify more leads for the sales team and increase the revenue they were driving for the business.

The analytics dashboard also had a major impact. One team member was saving roughly two hours per week in putting together reports, and was able to gain back that time to focus on training his team instead of aggregating data from multiple unreliable sources.

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WP Engine

“Tenfold acts as a caller ID for our Inbound Sales Reps, quickly identifying lead records and displaying the most recent activities without having to search and scrub. It has dramatically cut research time for lead distribution and has eliminated lead ownership issues before they happen.”

Gabe Bigger
Senior Qualification Manager at WP Engine

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