Increased Customer Experience Satisfaction by 34% Within 3 Months of Using Tenfold



  • Founded in 2003
  • Headquartered in Denham, United Kingdom
  • InterContinental Hotels Groups is a British company that has over 5,000 hotels under its umbrella, spread across roughly 100 countries.


InterContinental Hotels Group is the largest hotel company in the world with more than 5,000 hotels worldwide. They use Salesforce Enterprise as a CRM solution and Avaya Communication Manager asa phone system. They are focused on providing the best possible experience for their millions of guests.

In order to do this, they also need to ensure that any reported issues at these hotels are addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible.


IHG’s Warm Team is responsible for handling these high priority incidents and every minute is critical.

However, their team found themselves spending a significant amount of time tracking down contacts and cases in Salesforce when they called.

On top of this, the process to create new cases and log their calls on these cases was tedious and time consuming.


Tenfold offered a solution that allowed InterContinental Hotels Group to seamlessly integrate their Avaya Communication Manager with Salesforce in a matter of minutes.

Once integrated, the Tenfold application allowed the Warm Team at IHG to recognize callers instantly and see any relevant open cases related to the account or contact.

As part of the solution, the Warm Team’s sales calls were automatically logged and easily associated with the correct cases. If the call was related to a new case, Tenfold allowed the users at IHG to instantly create a new case in Salesforce with a single click.


InterContinental Hotels Group saw dramatic measurable improvements on their business after implementing Tenfold. The Warm Team saved an average of 75 seconds per call. This encompassed time saved identifying a caller and the related case, efficiences added to the case creating process and eliminated the need to manually log calls.

For IHG, over the course of a year, this equated to 1009 hours of time saved (or 42 full work days), that could have been spent providing quality service to their customers instead of tracking down information in Salesforce, allowing them to close cases more quickly and improving customer experience satisfaction.

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“We no longer have things falling through the cracks. Tenfold shines a light into who is working and who isn’t. Within 3 months, we increased Customer Experience Satisfaction by 34%. If you’re using Salesforce, Tenfold has to be an automatic add on.”

Craig Murphy
Intercontinental Hotels Group

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