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Tenfold, the most convenient, time-saving, easy to use, software. It simplifies the process of having a call-center in every aspect. If you want efficiency use tenfold, it will bring success to your business.

Israel Gallegos
Israel GallegosPush To Cart
Customer Company

Easy integration into our Office 365 suite. Simple interface. Easy to use. iPhone app is functional. Texting. Group chat. Caller ID. All these things are more important than you'd imagine.

Edward G Cballero
Edward G CballeroSenior AssociateRosano Partners
Customer Company

I like the in depth analysis on call performance. Each call is broken down to highlight the minutes and length of every conversation. You're able to track your consistency from day to day which allows you to create a very timely approach to attack each day.

Simon Vargas
Simon VargasDirector of Business DevelopmentTypenex Medical
Customer Company

Tenfold has easily increased my employee's efficiency and sanity! I am always able to immediately get a hold of Tenfold with any questions or concerns! Tenfold has been beyond helpful to our company and our personalized needs.

Matt LaMond
Matt LaMondDirector of MarketingBuckeye Legal Funding
Customer Company

Tenfold has allowed me to be more organized, so my calls with clients are much more meaningful. We are able to review our call metrics, to make sure we are meeting/exceeding expectations. I am very happy with Tenfold.

Sarah Cazeault
Sarah CazeaultWayfair
Customer Company

Tenfold keeps me on track whether I work from home or the office. These great tools help me pace myself and see how my activities compare to my colleagues.

Tracey White
Tracey WhiteInvaluable
Customer Company

Tenfold has completely changed the way our sales team works. Call volumes are up, because you can click to dial. CALL records in CRM are WAY UP because it's too darn easy to record call notes!

Sonja Fridell
Sonja FridellBrainsell
Customer Company

Tenfold helps me do more and do better every day

Thomas Desmoutier
Thomas DesmoutierFixflo
Customer Company

In addition to being a great organizational and time saving tools, customer support is very helpful and responsive!

Jon Engel
Jon EngelCapex Financial LLC
Customer Company

Their service offerings have absolutely revolutionized the way our sales floor works, and they are always adapting. They are always evolving. We have watched the product grow from simple analytics with Click-to-Dial capabilities, to enterprise level features, with an infinite potential for growth.

Marc Swan
Marc SwanNLC
Customer Company

Tenfold is an integral part of our business process. Our sales, lead gen, farm and customer services team are all using it and LOVE it. The support group is responsive when needed and I have never had an issue reaching someone if needed.

Deven Pearson
Deven PearsonBrainsell
Customer Company

Tenfold has been a lifesaver for our staff. Every call is logged and allows us to @ mention a staff member for quick resolution of a client's issue. Their support team went the extra mile to make sure it worked seamlessly with our Vonage phone system.

Melaine Tetrick
Melaine TetrickChiroHealthUSA
Customer Company

The Tenfold Sales Dialer has revolutionized our Sales process and workflow. Using the dialer allows our team to call nearly three times as many prospects. The connection to Salesforce ensures every call is automatically logged with valuable notes and simplifies call dispositions.

Tayler Childers
Tayler ChildersWP Engine
Customer Company

I use this application in my daily role as a business development representative. The ability to click to dial makes my job smooth and much easier than dialing manually.

Luke White
Luke WhiteArcserve
Customer Company

This is pretty much the only reason we keep Salesforce. If we didn't have this, we would cancel Salesforce.

AJ Kreuer
AJ KreuerNelly's Security
Customer Company

The call-log feature saves time as I click to dial - the pop-up is super helpful in making more calls and keeping notes organized. When I needed help, Blake promptly replied, walked me through a screenshare to diagnose the problem, and when additional help was needed from their engineering team, got back in touch quickly with the solution.

Brita Pricco-Byers
Brita Pricco-ByersBrafton
Customer Company

Great time saver!! Thanks for all the time back in my day to focus on my accounts and clients. Instead of dialing, logging notes, logging followups separately all can be completed in one step.

Aaron Christensen
Aaron ChristensenWayfair
Customer Company

This should be a compulsory addition to Salesforce. I was looking for an app to click-to-dial only, Tenfold is much much more than a click-to-dial - it has drastically improved call note quality, we now have faster client response, and a highly productive, transparent call centre. This is a must-have, and we could not work without Tenfold.

Jarvis Howard
Jarvis HowardPromax Plastics
Customer Company

Tenfold is a great add-on for teams looking to improve their process. My team was able to eliminate many steps to manually entering data into our CRM.

Robert Gurney
Robert GurneyTTSG
Customer Company

Love this tech! Tenfold allows me to stay focused on my daily metrics. It is efficient and has helped me optimize my productivity and track results. I can literally run, and document my day from it as it integrates well with our CRM to track activities and tasks. A must have!

Jon Semau
Jon SemauAct-On Software
Customer Company

We had been looking for a while to find something like Tenfold. Not only did it live up to the requirements we had, it even surpassed them. This is the case for the functionality as well as the service. The implementation also went without any major issues and we were up and running very quickly.

Gustav van Damme
Gustav van DammeOriginal Travel
Customer Company

After looking for only a few minutes and simple Google keyword search I immediately found Tenfold. After reviewing the materials online we immediately saw that it could do everything we desired. After purchasing, their tech support team was AWESOME. I would recommend to any IT manager looking for a similar solution.

Brian Williams
Brian WilliamsTigers USA Global Logistics
Customer Company

I'm one week into using Tenfold and to this point have been amazed at how seamless the integration into my daily activities has been. The click to call and easy to integrate notes has made me much more efficient in my outbound calling efforts. One benefit I didn't anticipate was the ability to quickly identify the inbound calls.

Blake Johnson
Blake Johnsonarcserve
Customer Company

As Director of Operations, I do not have patience to build reports and spend hours tracking data and building reports for every caller that we have. Tenfold has saved me hours of work, as well saved our callers hours worth of dialing. When I found these guys I jumped on their product, because it was simple to install, to use, gives you accurate data and the team there is very helpful! Thank you Tenfold!

Ben Mendoza
Ben MendozaCM First Group
Customer Company

We recently worked with Tenfold to implement their app with a customer, and the level of service provided by the team was amazing. Tenfold worked with us to get everything to work 100%. The app itself works very well and will be an awesome add-on for any sales team.

Waylon Kelley
Waylon KelleyAventis Systems
Customer Company

Tenfold is a huge time saver and really helps user adoption by eliminating the data entry associated with logging calls. Every call logged with Date, Time, Duration, Inbound/Outbound and Call Disposition provides the data to measure the quality of our call activity. Best of all we did not have to change our phone provider and were able to implement Tenfold following a simple setup process.

Mike Leuthner
Mike LeuthnerPhonami
Customer Company

We made a large implementation of Tenfold with Salesforce about a year ago (about 600 users) and the results have been great. We have access to a variety of call data that was previously not possible, and the ability to interact with calls outside of Salesforce is a huge win for our multitasking teams.

Bob McNamara
Bob McNamaraWayfair
Customer Company

TenFold has been a huge improvement over any previous setup I’ve worked with and makes life so much easier. TenFold helps to increase productivity and save time. User adoption is simple and it integrates perfectly into my business phone system and our CRM (I’ve used it both for Salesforce and Insightly).

David Zimmerman
David ZimmermanWalkMe
Customer Company

This is such an amazing tool to connect FreePBX to SalesForce, it also keeps nice stats about the call center agents. Kills two birds with one stone!

Richard Johnson
Richard JohnsonOrlantech
Customer Company

This is a great tool and integrated very well with my business phone system and our CRM, Insightly. Customer service was also top notch.

Denise Montrose
Denise MontroseSmall World Recruiting

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