Level Up Sales Relationships: Take Better Call Notes with CTI

Sales always have been and always will be about relationships. No amount of automation or tools will change the authenticity of either an interaction or the building of trust over time with a potential customer.

One way to level up your ability to connect with people in meaningful ways and across multiple interactions is by taking notes.

With distributed sales teams and coordinated efforts, systematizing is key.

The good news: there are emerging solutions to track important interactions to help other people on the sales team nurture leads and build on interactions.

Ultimately, taking notes and integrating them seamlessly into your sales process through customer relationship management software (CRM) will help you get more business to business deals done.

Companies like Six Pack Shortcuts have increased the number of deals closed by over 200% since implementing a computer-telephony integration

Taking scalable notes isn’t as hard as you think

Even the best salespeople can’t remember all the important details. Sometimes a seemingly insignificant moment becomes the very key to creating long-term trust that not only closes a great deal but leads to many more in the future.

One should never underestimate the value of an individual note that just happened to contain the right information for a given situation.

Whether in-person or over a sales call, the information captured by note-taking is crucial for establishing a lead, qualifying a lead, nurturing a lead, or closing the deal. Knowing a prospect just returned from vacation in Florida or recently made big announcements at their company provides the context for an increased level of trust.

The notes represent facts, which means any individual salesperson can’t fall victim to his or her memory when replaying why a sales call did or didn’t go as planned. This leads to iteration and better outcomes.

Important notes to take:

  • Any detail from time and date of call
  • Actionable follow-ups
  • Changes in the lead’s contact record
  • Key pieces of contextual information

Maybe you or someone on the sales team started with shorthand notes. This shorthand could be used to expand efforts across the sales team, even to the level of creating an internal language or code for important details. One might even consider establishing a universal shorthand for your deal flow.

Using technology for efficiency and total sales team knowledge

Most teams are already using a CRM like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Oracle. If you’ve decided to implement the strategy of aggressive note-taking within a sales team, why not actually benefit from that rigor without it becoming time intensive and impacting your time management?

One way is simply to take notes efficiently and at scale — digitally. By integrating your phone system with a CRM through something like a Salesforce Elastix CTI integration, note-taking can occur seamlessly.

Using a Computer-Telephony Integration

At first glance, a CTI system sounds like nothing more than an expedited calling service. In reality, it’s a lot more.

A CTI integrates your phone system with your CRM service and logs all inbound and outbound emails or calls automatically. Additionally, a salesperson can react to incoming leads at a moment’s notice. Location services allow for calls to be placed from local or regional numbers.

CTIs also let the salesperson make personalized notes on calls which are automatically tracked in your CRM of choice. Using a CTI in this manner allows you to scale the strategy of gathering game-changing information that might otherwise be lost without note-taking. Furthermore, using a phone system connected with your CRM lets you scale this strategy without disrupting the normal sales process, whether via phone or email.

Using a CTI like Salesforce Elastix CTI allows high-powered note-taking without impacting productivity through manual entry of information.

Start taking notes today

The importance of taking call notes to promote increased B2B sales success cannot be overstated.

As a tool to make it happen, CTIs let your team leverage the details and efficiencies of saving all prospect and customer information combined with the strategic change of ensuring the whole team is up to date on the status of a deal.

Taking notes and doing it efficiently at scale will turn more prospects into customers. 



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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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