What are call disposition codes? Call disposition codes, defined.

Call disposition codes, sometimes called activity codes, are call description labels that are used in call centers. They can be easily attached or applied to call records to make sure that the whole team has access to important details from calls.

Call disposition codes enable agents to tack on labels that indicate the call type, reason for the call, the outcome of the call, and the required action. It only takes seconds for call center agents to tag calls with the right call disposition codes but it makes a huge difference in how call center teams work.

Call disposition codes at work

Imagine, after an agent finishes a call, the software prompting them for a call disposition code will pop up–often a browser window. From there, they can easily select the code from a list and apply that to the call record. They give call center agents an easy way to label calls, keeping track of contact information and history for the benefit of the rest of the team for future calls.

It’s also important for call centers to use call disposition codes so they can easily track call events and opportunities, and see how teams and leads are performing. Here are some examples of what you could track with call disposition codes:

Connect rate

Low connect rates are caused by a high number of leads getting busy signals or disconnection messages. When a lead list registers a low connect rate, a review of lead sources must be prompted. If the reason for the low connect rate is that prospects are not picking up, there might be a need to introduce a new technique or approach like using local numbers or adjusting the time of the calls.

Number of appointments

When call disposition codes for appointments are applied frequently for a certain period, it’s an indication that the center is performing well. Depending on other data, it may be attributed to the quality of leads, a certain section of the sales force performing well, and/or new techniques used in that certain time frame.

Call disposition codes make call centers smarter

Call disposition codes allow centers to have a quick way to record the quality and progress of each contact. This way, data gathering is not that cumbersome and initial analysis can be done on the fly, giving call centers the flexibility to adjust techniques and approaches in an agile way. They are not blinded by a general number indicating progress or slowdown. Call center managers can definitely use call disposition codes to make well-informed decisions.



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Dan Sincavage

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