What is Voicemail Drop?

What is Voicemail Drop?

What is Voicemail Drop? Voicemail drop, defined.

Voicemail dropping is the process wherein an agent, upon encountering a phone’s voicemail answering system in a call, selects a pre-recorded message from a library or repository to use as a response. Technically, it’s replying to a voicemail with a voicemail. This is a very quick way to inform absent customers about a targeted offer.

Contrary to robo-calling, voicemail dropping is more human. Recordings are almost identical to actual conversations. In some instances, the recordings used are personalized to better engage a customer, like mentioning some of their interests or even their first names (if they’re common enough).

Advantages of Voicemail Drop

Traditionally, when telemarketers call their leads and reach only the voicemail, they have to read their scripts asking for a callback. This is a tedious process as not only do sales representatives spend precious seconds in leaving the message, they are also underutilized because they could have moved on to their next lead.

Voicemail dropping allows an agent to eliminate this redundancy. In addition, since the messages are recorded, there is no chance of a drop in quality. These messages can also be optimized beforehand to always fall inside the normal duration of a voicemail, which can be anywhere between thirty (30) and sixty (60) seconds.

While there is a sharp decline in people using voicemails, especially those considered part of the Millennial generation, voicemails are still effective tools to get a quick message to a user. Best of all, if configured correctly, a voicemail can be dialed back to, which removes complexity from the side of the customer in any case he or she is interested in what the seller offers.

Finally, while the call component is still regulated by the FCC (i.e. National Do Not Call Registry, etc.), voicemails are virtually limitless. As long as an individual is open for contact, a business can leave as many voicemails as they want. This, of course, requires moderation as the customer might react quite negatively to such a marketing method.

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