What is Inside Sales?

What is Inside Sales?

What is Inside Sales? Inside Sales, defined

Inside Sales

Inside sales is a sales methodology that emphasizes the selling of a product from a remote location, with the sale happening most commonly over phone or a telephony-based communication channel.

Compared to classic telemarketing which concentrates on selling low-ticket items, or products with relatively low cost and have a general purpose, inside sales generally try to sell high-ticket items—highly specialized products—to either professionals or enterprises.

Due to the nature of this selling method, inside sales agents or representatives serve a dual purpose as subject matter experts for the products they sell. They can engage a potential buyer earlier, answer their concerns better, and close the deal faster.

Differences of Inside Sales from Classic Telemarketing and Outside Sales

In classic telemarketing, sales agents typically follow a predetermined script that they have to present to buyers. Since the sales agents are generally not involved in the product themselves, they are usually not privy to the technical specifications of what they sell. Because of this, the seller is limited to offering either non-technical items or items that have very low technical specifications.

To engage bigger buyers like enterprises, sellers resorted to “field sales” or outside selling. Sellers book their clients at a particular time and location—usually at the buyer’s convenience—to demonstrate their product and to also make a sales presentation.

While this allows a buyer to completely understand the product, the seller is at risk of additional overhead in case no sale is made. Worse, not all business can afford to make time for field sales due to time-based—if not geographic—constraints.

Inside sales solves these issues by effectively utilizing the advancements in communication to minimize the risk on both ends of the transaction. Especially with the advent of the Internet, online marketing, advertising, demonstration, and selling have all become possible, and sellers can use these to their advantage by having 24-hour points-of-contact that can transact with a potential buyer fully from engagement to payment. Best of all, sellers can present their products to other businesses (B2B) without the massive overhead and at a greatly minimized risk.

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