Increase sales with Callinize

Increase sales with Callinize

Increase sales with Callinize Reach new heights with Callinize.

The sales business is tough, and your company needs an edge. There are several productivity applications out that claim to improve performance, but one proven application is Callinize. Callinize uses new features and analytics to help your sales grow.

The sales industry depends on making as many phone calls as possible. In the early days, sales teams would have to punch in the numbers for each phone call. Minutes are lost over the course of a work day, due to the inefficiency of having to dial numbers in. Callinize utilizes click to dial technology to get those minutes back. The numbers you intend to call are kept in your contacts, and when you are ready to dial a particular number you merely click on the number. Click to dial works from anywhere on your computer, so if you have a number you need to call in your e-mail, you can click it and dial the number. Click to dial technology seems simple, but it will increase efficiency.

Keeping up with data is critical to any business, but entering all of this data is extremely time-consuming. Callinize will record the most critical data for your business. The program automatically logs each of your calls, so this data will be readily available when you need it. Your employees will be able to focus on their work, instead of logging data. By using Callinize, you are ensuring that all of your calling data is logged for future reference.

Making more calls is critical to any sales team, but another important aspect to any sales strategy is building relationships with clients. Callinize has added several tools to ensure that you can build more effective relationships with your customers. Callinize tracks your activity with each client, so you can ensure that you interact with each client on a regular basis. This tracker integrates with your phone system and social media, so you can track interactions across platforms. By ensuring that you are constantly following up with your clients, Callinize will help you make more sales to your clients.

Often making a sale comes down to having the right information at the right time. Pulling this information up during a phone call is difficult, Callinize pops up all of the critical information before the phone call even starts. With this technology, you can open each conversation with a question about the needs of your client. No more asking your clients what company they are associated with or forgetting key details from a past conversation. Your reps will never be flustered when they are using Callinize, so they will make more sales.

Analytics is critical to the success of any business. A company must be able to look back on the past and find out which actions were successful and what could be improved. Callinize offers a large amount of data for your organization to use. Every call in our system is logged. With this data, you will be able to analyze performance for each representative on your team. You will be able to coach up each of your reps so that they become the strongest team possible. By utilizing the analytics tools that Callinize offers, your company will be able to reach new heights.

Increasing the efficiency of your sales team is absolutely critical to the future of your organization. If you would like to learn more about our innovative phone system, then contact us. We are confident that it will help you build greater relationships with your clients, and make more meaningful calls. If you want to improve your business, then you have to start using Callinize to take your business to new heights.

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